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For many workers worldwide, the office is like a second home, but spending eight or more hours in a dark and cramped office can seem like a drag. Luckily, with a little bit of interior planting design strategy, office plants can make your office feel more like a second home than a working space.

Indoor plants are one of the best ways to help give your office a little more life, but how do you choose which plants will best fit into your office space? Below, we will take a look at some of the best office plants you can buy that will thrive in low-light environments.

Continue reading below to learn more and how you can make your office feel more like home.

5 Best Plants for Low-Light Environments

Here are five of the best indoor plants for offices with little or no natural light:

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are a lovely office plant that thrives in medium or diffused light, but they can also live in fluorescent light if natural light is not possible.

While the more light a peace lily receives, the more likely it is to produce flowers—with proper care and maintenance, they can thrive in almost any lighting condition, making them an excellent office plant.

Lucky Bamboo

Because of its compact size, lucky bamboo is another one of the most popular office plants.

Thought to attract positivity and luck, the lucky bamboo can survive in low-light environments, making it an excellent choice even for people with desks in the far reaches of the office.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant can flourish in a wide variety of lighting conditions, from very bright to completely dark.

It is also practically impossible to wither, making it an excellent choice for adding greenery to your office space with as little upkeep as possible.

English Ivy

If a mass of green leaves is what you’re after, the English ivy can make a lovely hanging or climbing centerpiece.

English ivy enjoys filtered, indirect light, but it can also thrive in even darker environments with minimal natural light, making it an ideal plant for shady corners away from office windows.

Bamboo Palm

Last but certainly not least, the bamboo palm may be the most ideal office plant for people working in low-light environments.

The bamboo palm not only doesn’t require much light to grow, but this plant also has long stems and huge leaves that offer a splash of color to any office setting.

Contact Mr. Plant for All of Your Office Plant Needs

Now that you know about some of the best plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight, we don’t think you will have any problem whatsoever turning your office space into a green oasis.

Are you interested in learning more about interior planting design and which plants are best suited for your home or office?

At Mr. Plant, we take great pride in our 30-year history of providing excellent, individualized service to each of our customers. We design, install and maintain a wide variety of indoor plants, office plants, and interior landscapes, and we’re ready to help you transform your space with great-looking plants.

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